Monday, October 5, 2009

Wrappin' up...

My first official season of riding and dabbling in racing has come to a close. I didn’t really intend for it to end or come to a close now, or at any given, specific time…it seems like it just sort of took care of itself. My season was a baby step into the world of bike racing. Two criteriums, one time trial and one road race. One DNF, one crash, one 17th, one 18th and one 31st place. Hmmmmm and I paid money to see results like that in print? All I really can do is laugh and learn, and this year I’ve certainly done both. I yielded my best result of the year in a relay triathlon that I did with zero planning and just for kicks, what’s up with that?!

I have learned…

1. that my leg muscles are prettier than they are fast
2. that even though all my every day clothes are now too big for me…I still look fat in spandex
3. that when you see light flashes, experience intense headaches and sleep for hours after riding it’s probably NOT just because “my body isn’t used to riding”
4. that women don’t like to work together when racing, even if they are on the same team… oh puhleeze, argue with me if you want… I aint seen it.
5. that the potty mouth in the pack belongs to none other than myself the elf
6. that some of my favorite rides of the season, took place AFTER I was dropped and got a chance to enjoy the scenery
7. that my favorite riding partner is still the boy that first introduced me to riding and that bob and molly run a close second
8. that kids think bike riding is dumb and “gay” until you add a mud pile to it. Also note that they also think helmets are dumb and gay, but they will don a football helmet to ride on a bike around the neighborhood and somehow that’s not weird at all.
9. that cycling is relatively clique-ish… or maybe it’s more gang-like, like the sharks and the jets

Ahhh so very many good lessons. I’ve laughed about most of the above and a great deal more. I can’t complain about the season – after all, I have nothing to compare it to…and ignorance is bliss, for a while anyway.

Next year I’ll be riding/racing officially attached – to a husband that is…. 13 days and counting…