Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year...

I saw on "old" cycling friend at a Christmas Party in December and thought I would publicly answer her question, "where have you been?"

2010 was a busy year for me. Mostly, my time has been consumed with my job change in May. Gone were the days of having time to sit and blog. Along the way, I've discovered new things, new enjoyments and certainly new things about myself.

I won't continue to blog regularly about cycling, because frankly, I don't have the time or energy. I'm immersed in my job and enjoying every minute of ridding Greenville of crime. You can thank me later.

I also tired of the way my life was becoming one dimensional. I'm a multi-tasking girl. I love to dabble in my wide and varied interests. Simply put, I cannot devote ALL my time to riding a bike. Not to say, I don't love riding a bike, but life is full of children and sporting events and cooking at home and dinners out and coffee dates and music concerts in the living room and music concerts at many other venues and camping in the high country and dancing and building and tearing down and bathing my dog and making beeswax products and organic gardening and target shooting and savoring a good glass of wine and ballet classes and guitar lessons, I could go on and on, but MOST of these, I enjoy every bit as a good bike ride.

There is also the bum hip. One race, one high side, one crash, all in about 2 minutes and here I sit hundreds of dollars and months after physical therapy and massages and DIFFERENT running shoes in high hopes of "fixing" the torqued hip and excruciating pain and no cigar.

So--- putting it all in perspective, I'm back to well-rounded me and that means missing some rides, seeing some of you less and not updating this blog for months on end. Never fear -- just because YOU haven't seen me, doesn't mean I'm homebound... it means maybe you aren't traveling in all of my circles ; ) Best of luck to all in the New Year!