Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Checkin in...

Life has been a whirlwind…. clearly a busy time for “pseudo” on the job injuries as I’m drowning amongst new files and papers at my desk, while stepping over boxes. It’s a mess. As I look at the forest of trees, piled on my floor, on my desk, in my trash cans, etc. I’m convinced law offices will never “go green.” We love paper, the more the better. At least we aren’t flinging it in landfills, no, no, we like to keep it, in boxes, on desks, in storage, in envelopes, on posting boards and on and on it goes. In fact, when court reporting companies and clients send us letters about how THEY are going green and are now online, fully automated and we can just scan or email to them…we open their email and print multiple copies and circulate it around the office and then continue to send them letters.

I hate this work, mostly I hate that it keeps me rotting under fluorescent lighting while the lovely blue skies with puffy clouds and blistering sunshine taunts me and life passes me by. Yes, I LOVE the blistering sunshine. SO—I’ve had no time to blog, nothing exciting to blog about…but wanted to post something, anything…to let the world know I’m still breathing. Still breathing, still riding my bike, still yelling at kids, still planning “my” wedding (as HE likes to refer to it) still drinking coffee, I DID give up beer though… it’s bad for my skin and other things of course…but it sux…I miss it after rides…sniff….but I’m holding firm and standing strong….but it sux.

Disclaimer: Yes, I’m very grateful that I have a job in this economy and a pay check and I realize I should count my blessings.

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  1. I know how you feel about work these days. Don't fee guilty if you don't feel totally grateful in this economy. Most of us try to earn an honest dollar for an honest days work and expect that if we don't get the "honest" part right we and our job will soon be parted. From what I am reading in the news these days, the very people who wrecked our enonomy are now finding ways to exploit their stimulus plan for their own gain.