Monday, July 20, 2009

French Broad Cycling Classic...

Well I’m typing almost with two hands and that should be ‘nuff said about how my weekend went.

We traveled this weekend to Asheville, NC to race in the French Broad Classic. I planned (only slightly under duress) to do the time-trial and I willingly planned to do the crit….I was going to leave the climbing road race to Rob.

My only goal for the weekend was to not come home with a DNF. This was my first time trial effort and truthfully, I really had no desire to do it. I haven’t worked on it, prepared for it, have nothing “aero” in equipment, hadn’t really worked on body positioning, etc… I didn’t come in last, or even next to last… so I am pleased. This time trial was strictly for experience. I took 18th out of 20th…and yes, my speed was slow, but probably the fastest average for me (with a lovely head wind to boot)… 19.5 mph…. hopefully I can only go up from there.

The crit… ahh the crit…solo crash in the fourth corner of the first lap (yours truly). No one else was involved, I high-sided (which was a new term to me, that I now know more about than I care to know) I have lovely road rash down left arm, left hand, left leg, left butt (my shower walls have never heard such profanity)…. No, I won’t be posting pics…I never enjoy seeing crash pics, so I’m not posting any either. I did finish the race… all 30 minutes of it still left after the crash…and surprisingly, I did not come in last place… next to last…I’ll take it… I destroyed an engagement ring in the process, (though we did find the stone on the course afterwards), roughed up the bike a bit…and definitely roughed up the body…. It could have been much, much worse… so I’m not going to complain about my 17/18th spot. I’m glad no one else was hurt, that I was able to finish and that Rob is always prepared with the best first aid kit money can buy. He’s such a good boy.

Rob’s results…29th out of 69th overall in the Omnium… not too shabby….mine, 17th out of 18th…granted, my upcoming triathlon has been put on hold, as this body, cannot touch a pool… and as Rob likes to say, “it is, what it is”. Race pics to follow.

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