Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well… I’m forced to finally post after being MIA for quite some time. I’ve been busy, lazy and over worked.

Last week, moneysucker numero uno was involved in a three car collision and subsequently, her car was totaled. She did NOT contribute to the accident, however the geese one of the cars tried to avoid did. Though she was hysterical, and weepy, she is fine… a bit sore, few trips to doc and chiro…and all is well and we have much, for which to be thankful. Now, if Allstate would get their act together and give her back some wheels our routines would be all the sweeter. So -- it looks like she got a car last year for her birthday at the end of May…and will get another car for her birthday this year at the end of May.

I realized how much my job/career has permeated my life and way of thinking when, while she was on the phone, at the scene, hysterically telling me she was okay, I said, “do NOT talk to the cops until your father or I get there” and then later I reiterated on her way to the Dr.… “do NOT tell the Dr. anything unrelated to your pain, it will be in your medical records for life only to be subpoenaed to incriminate you on a later date”… hey, what are mom’s for?!

Wedding planning is still going strong… I changed the food, not once, but twice…. but have promised the caterer…I will not do so again.

“We” began work again on the house, to finally relocate the stinky feet moneysuckers to the second floor of the house. It will be a lot of work, but in the end they will have the floor to themselves and my downstairs can return to smelling like hearth and home and cakes and cookies and cinnamony goodness and girly lotions and shampoos and minty embrocation….and well a lizard and a fish and one teeny puppy.

Yesterday, I rode with my duly betrothed for the first time in a long time. We train separately, mostly…but I enjoy my rides with him, best of all.

She Rides a Bike continues to inspire me to park my car, permanently. Though carpooling and maneuvering a tandem for 7 presents a bit of a problem. In the interim I make snide comments daily to him about “all these bikes we have and we’re still in a freaking car”. Speaking of which “she” had a recent blog about a contest wherein you take pics of yourself in your fabulous commuter clothing and “all spandex” is forbidden…. tisk tisk...which brings me to…. possible future blog posts of “How you TOO can commute and look hot in spandex” ; )

Granted, if I had an Electra Cruiser I would be wearing buttercup yellow sundresses with pigtails and ribbons and pedaling away whilst I conversed with my spotted puppy in the front basket AND if I don’t get an Electra Cruiser in pretty colors, with a cute little basket and a flower and a bell and streamers for a wedding present…I’m going to PITCH A HISSY….southern belle style…and there aint nothing purty about a southern belle hissy.

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