Friday, May 1, 2009

Ready for the weekend...

Happy Friday…again. I started my day early downtown at 5:15 for my boot camp. It was a very good one, lots of running, lots of push ups, lots of plyometrics, lots of sweat. I love being up early sweating before the rest of the world….it’s good for the soul. I’m concentrating on getting my push ups the way that Sam wants them! I’m relatively good at push ups but keeping arms in, next to my side has been a different “form” to learn…and I think my muscle memory wants to revert.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be getting dropped on the ride from Go Tri at 8:00. We have our first “event” that we have to do as a team to be considered a sponsored team with USA Cycling. It’s basically a fun/training ride called “Tri the Mountain” leaving out from Go Tri, including the climbing route BEFORE Paris mountain…this is NOT the Buncombe route. They will add in as much climbing as they possibly can before actually getting to the climb. It’s not billed as a race, but Al will hammer, Rob will, whomever else shows up probably will also and I’ll be “that girl” that makes them wait at the top.

After that, back to the shop for drinks/food/camaraderie… we may have the smallest team in Greenville, but I guarantee it’s the most fun. It’s like a summer, fourth of July picnic, drinks, laughs, fun… all the time. There’s something extremely rewarding about hanging out, riding, training, racing with serious, dedicated and successful athletes, that still know how to have a good time, that one beer isn’t going to ruin their season and that it’s okay to live a freaking little. Al’s graciously opening up the shop, we’ll probably throw in some drinks/food so stop by if you are feeling froggy on a Saturday morning.

Next weekend we are returning the favor and heading to Hilton Head for the Go Tri Sports HH Triathlon. Rob and I are entered as a mixed relay, he will swim and bike, I will run. Heading down Thursday, taking the two oldest moneysuckers and making a weekend of it. Should be fun, I haven’t run on flat ground since high school track!

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