Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The joys of motherhood...

If you don’t have children you won’t relate to this post… actually if you don’t have boys you won’t….ok maybe if you don’t have four boys under 14 you won’t… geez, yeah as I write I realize no one really relates to me… but I’ll still vent just the same.

About two years ago I purchased an older house, adjacent to downtown and began a large remodel project, doing most of the work myself with the assistance of my father. When I say large I mean, gutted the dining room, down to where you could see the crawl space dirt, gutted the kitchen, gutted the den, ripped out closets, added a bathroom, added a stairwell to the attic to finish an attic/loft space, entirely new HVAC system, etc. etc. It’s been a long time in the making, a huge mess, lots of money and sweat and stress and it still isn’t completely done, but I love it and Rob loves it, so all is well...

HOWEVER, since we have been living in it and my four boys have been using the new bathroom for their showering, I have noticed a musty aroma. I have been worried for months that the smell means the shower wasn’t built well, that there is a leak, or something wrong with the shower pan, etc. I’ve sniffed, searched, agonized, bitched and moaned, sent my father searching….whined to Rob, etc. and still we find nothing…and the smell remains.

Rob has consistently maintained that boys stink. That there is nothing wrong with the bathroom other than BOYS STINK. After the boys being gone some over the weekend, I discovered when they returned, the smell came with them. The good news is, Rob was right and I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend “fixing” the bathroom problem. The bad news is, it’s the shoes, the 8 little shoes that live in that end of the house. Not only is it the shoes, but the 8 stinky socks and the 8 stinky feet. I have started banning the shoes to the porch when they come home, but alas, the feet cannot be removed. I’m only glad that I did not call the contractor that built the shower to complain of the “shoddy workmanship”.

I suppose one day I’ll miss those stinky feet…so for now, I’ll have to tolerate them until the day arrives when I can pass the baton to another lucky girl.
On a different note, this past weekend, we made it through Prom number 2 with my non-stinky feet child. She was/is bee-u-tiful.... and a few braggin' rights are in order.


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  1. "but alas, the feet cannot be removed." LOL :)