Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy anniversary...

Today is the very happy anniversary of my “new” life as I, now, know it. A year ago today (to the Friday that is) “we” shared our first kiss, our first conversation that lasted until 3 a.m. (many, many more were to follow) our first, “wow, you truly are the dork for me moment” and my first introduction into the wonderful world of cycling. I knew when he was shopping for a bicycle frame for me the day after our first “date” that this one, just might be a keeper.

It has truly been one heck of a year from 1 new job for him, to 2 physical moves for him, from the metamorphosis from triathlete to bike racer for him and from “fitness” dabbling for me (think gym rat and quasi running) to beginning cyclist. We began with sharing a few laughs over drinks and moved quickly to many flirtatious emails, to a few early morning runs together, to late night phone calls that drained our cell phone batteries back to early morning packing the car for races. We progressed from having a blast together, to dating exclusively to a few sentimental almost weepy moments and then engagement.

I’ve gone from scrapes, bumps and bruises while riding in tennis shoes on a high school track in circles, practicing starting and stopping without falling, listening to countless hours of scolding and head shaking from him – commands like “PEDAL”, “GET YOUR HANDS ON THE FREAKING BRAKES”, “GEEZZZZZZ BRUSH YOURSELF OFF AND STRAIGHTEN YOUR HELMET” and my personal favorite after one of my crashes over the handlebars off the side of the road, barely missing a telephone pole as his audibly shaking voice said, “this is NOT for you”. That statement was all the convincing I needed to buckle down, learn this thing called “cycling” and make him eat those words. I think he ate them…since these days I hear things like, “hell yeah” and “that’s the best you’ve ever ridden.” He’s been an excellent “coach”, mechanic, and motivational speaker all the while holding steadfast as a realist (“No honey, you aren’t going to be Pro 1/2 in six months”) Most importantly, he has been and still is the love of my life. We’ve come a long way…literally and figuratively.

Happy anniversary, sunshine! Du hast mich! xoxo

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