Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ode to BMC...

It’s true…. I have a wee small BMC fetish… it started when I was given my splendid little BMC. Then we brushed shoulders with some of the crew last year at the US PRO championships in Greenville. Out one night for a few drinks, spotted a few of them in front of Connelly’s…exchanged words in passing, walked to our cars simultaneously, they smiled, waved and acknowledged my BMC on top of the car as they passed. I started perusing, reading up, paying attention to them sometime after that and have been hooked ever since. What’s not to like? They are unique. Their bikes are great, their Assos kits are awesome and even their mechanics/trucks/rigs, etc. all pristine.
BKW did a post earlier this year with some great pics You can’t help but like the team when you read about them, hear them quoted – their riders are young, scrappy and likeable. I’m delighted they are going to Paris-Roubaix, though in our television and internet free home, I don’t suppose I’ll see it firsthand, but I’m hoping they kick ass just the same. Oh, and ladies, they offer some eye candy also (Taylor Tolleson) which, out of respect for my duly betrothed, I won't comment on further. I'll just leave you with this...[fid]=18&tx_gooffotoboek_pi1[srcdir]=ZX_action&cHash=53476c3bff

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