Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm every's all in me...

I have always prided myself on being the girl that looks, smells, talks, feels like a girl, yet can still pound out some pushups, sling a hammer, hang drywall, demo a roof, heck demo half a house and yet still be considered “girly”. A true conundrum, yep that’s me. You can imagine, then, the devastation I felt when I discovered there is an entire cult following in the making of girls that ride bicycles and blog specifically about NOT riding their respective bicycles in spandex. Alas, they are pretty, chic, liberated and according to them, I fear, I fall into the class of the girls that “aren’t”. I no longer carry the girly torch since I don a helmet, padded shorts and “practical” shoes geared specifically for “racing” and pedaling efficiency.

I refuse to be stripped of my girlie title…just yet. So this weekend in order to reclaim that title, I whined to my duly betrothed until he had no choice but to succumb and next thing you knew, I was test riding a bright, playful, orange, Electra “Townie” bike… dressed up, in stilettos…. I can do it... now back to the spandex!

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  1. I love the Townie! Great choice. And of course the thing we chic but liberated girly girls know that we can be anything we want. If you want to race in spandex, there is a time for that. If you want to sail through mud and over rock and sport a bandaid on your knee to proove it the next day, go for it! Being in Flagstaff, I feel I must maintain a connection with my inner-French girl and peddle slow in as lady like a shoe as possible ( a real challenge when you have to climb over volcanic rock and cinders everyday!) Have a great time on your bikes.