Friday, April 24, 2009

Week in review...

Happy Friday.... it's been a heck of a week.

Let's see, it went something like this...

1. Raced --sucked, I only win things like clarinet and piano contests and spelling bees and catechism bees...and oh yeah, German contests and Lincoln Douglas Debate trophies and one "Most Polite" award in the fifth grade (gee, times have changed) and a couple of mile runs and relay races in my younger years. Yeah, you guessed it, I'm one of those "cool" dorks! Oh, and got my first and probably only email from Fatty at FatCyclist... I'll treasure it...always.

2. Monday, dragged myself back to Sam's athletic conditioning class while Rob swam... he decided a few strokes might help before the Tri in Hilton Head in 2 weeks!

3. Tuesday, bumped up to faster group at Donaldson, got dropped, almost blown off the road by the crazy wind...finished it out...will go again next week. Got home, had an "episode" that rushed me to the doctor the next day (you know it was a good one if I went to the doctor, since I'm an internet physician myself and believe herbs can fix it ALL).... gist.. probably not eating enough/drinking enough/sleeping enough while taxing my body...

4. Wednesday, tried out Steve Baker's class....liked it... felt good about my form, whilst watching in the mirror, left there loving my road bike even more.

5. Thursday, took all the moneysuckers to watch Rob race... they were most thrilled by how many old baseballs they found in the bushes. Love of cycling hasn't hit them yet.

6. Friday, dragged myself back to boot camp, dark and early. One of my attorneys puked again during it... great fun!

7. Tomorrow, PROM for the eldest -- which means I get no sleep. Pacing the freaking floor. Beautiful daughter + Teen age boy = NIGHTMARES!!!

Guess I'll eek in a run and a ride or so...over the weekend. Have a good one...

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