Friday, April 10, 2009

Training and what not...

I don't usually do back to back days yet with my training. This week though, due to high winds and just a feeling of some bad juju, we got back in the car at Donaldson, didn't even unload the bikes and headed home. Since I skipped Tuesday, my schedule was a bit out of whack and I did intervals in the park on Wednesday and then our climbing route yesterday. Today, I feel sore and sweaty...just a constant overheated feeling. Tomorrow I'm tackling Caesar's Head for the first time... not really looking forward to that... and Monday morning, bright and early at 5:15 a.m. I'll be starting another boot camp.... just to get my running kicked back in and up to at least a half-ass speed before the May triathlon in Hilton Head. I seem to have found a good riding partner (other than my duly betrothed)... thanks Danielle! She's more fit than me, a marathoner, etc... but we seem to have some varying strengths/weaknesses, she's faster on the hills, I'm maybe a little stronger after them... so it's good...we rotate and take turns pushing each other...looking forward to getting stronger/faster together.

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