Thursday, April 23, 2009

Android...I am.

According to the I’m an “android” body type. Figures on the left are "ideal" body for android, figures on right are "overweight" body for android. Best I can tell, this means (among other things) that I should be thicker in the waist, (think rectangle rather than hour glass), which is true actually. I’m also supposed to have powerful thighs and muscular limbs. I should excel in athletics that require staying power, ie. body building, swimming, running (cycling???? one can hope). This all sounds lovely until you read that basically I’m a boy, trapped in a female’s body. I’m supposed to have more facial hair, male patterned hair loss and be able to “work like a man”. If I can keep the powerful thighs…I’ll take it.

Rob was very disheartened to find that he falls closest to the body type of “thyroid” (these are really geared for women…but fun to categorize him, just the same) He has been put on this planet purely for aesthetic purposes and hey, I do enjoy having a pretty face serving up my coffee in the morning! He’s supposed to be a model or dancer and should crave nicotine, caffeine and other stimulants (like his ol’ faithful can of yoo hoo after races). Next time he bosses me, I’m going to tell him to shush up, know his place and just sit there and look pretty and leave the “man” work to me. Heh heh heh!

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  1. Hellcat, I am also this body type and as a child was certain I had a deformity. As an adult I have discovered that I can improve my muscle tone very easily, have strong body that is capable of much indurance, and happily am well proportioned for the Ann Taylor store and Patagonia. Once I understood my body type it became a lot easier for me to maintain my weight through exercise and nutrician. I guess I stopped focusing on the hour-glass figure I would never had (unlike my sister the goddess) and concentrate on my strengths, like my great looking arms. :)