Friday, September 18, 2009

Catching up...

Less than a month out now from the wedding, still lots to do...yes, I'm still breathing, but not much time to post. My duly betrothed is taking full advantage of me being busy and distracted and running with it. While I've been worrying about the caterer and the band and my dress being too big, he's been shopping for sweet little upgrades for his cross bike. The stash in the bike shop keeps growing, pretty new brakes for the cross bike, new bars for the time trial bike, new shifters.... I did manage to get a new trainer out of it for me... so hey, I'm not asking any questions! While he's in a spending mood, I even hit him up for a mountain bike and a cruiser... anything worth doing (like begging) is worth doing right!

Hopefully, I'll have new posts and some wedding pics soon! 29 days and counting...and he's mine, all mine (suckerrrrrr!)

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