Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's official...

I heard the rumors a few weeks ago…later saw Velonews hint about it...and now it’s official and I can finally blog about it! No longer will my allegiance be divided between the hometown hero and my affinity for the BMC Racing Team. Looks like in 2010… I’ll be screaming for BMC and George Hincapie, at the same time! I’m ecstatic… got to meet a few of the BMC guys this past weekend at the Hincapie Party after the US Championships… they were kind while we gushed and gave us a pic… thanks Ian McKissick and Jonathan Garcia… more pics from the weekend to follow in a later post! To read the story check out the announcement on BMC's team site http://www.bmcracingteam.com/index.php?id=9&L=0&uid=312 ! Ahhhhhhh the bliss of it all!
I found it on the way home! Sorry about the hand print!

A couple more pics (above) from the Hincapie party...

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