Monday, March 30, 2009

Book review...

Since I'm divorced, we spend our months, shuffling the moneysuckers back and forth every other weekend. Now that the chief moneysucker drives her own car, I have to shuffle less and less. When we first began dating, "he" put a humorous twist on the terminology "my weekend" which normally referred to "my weekend to have the kids". Instead, he coined it "his weekend" to have custody of me when I didn't have the kids. Now that we live together, we still relish when it's "his weekend". We love the kids, the chaotic, busy family life... but when it's HIS weekend we can play when we want, work when we want, ride when we want, eat when we want, sleep when we want and we do our best to suck these 48 hours dry.

One of the other things we can do is read when we want.... we're readers, the both of us. In fact, we still haven't found a permanent resting place for all the books.... when he moved in, my shelves were spilling over...and so his remain in boxes. I think books are perhaps the "forgotten" gear that every cyclist should own; afterall, after those long rides, when you ache and don't want to speak and don't want to stand, but sitting isn't so great either and you are tired, but don't want to sleep--the books are a comfort. The bed, the blankie, the pillow, the book. It works for us at least.

In anticipation of it being "his weekend" we geared up Friday with our customary trip to the book store. We headed home with 3 new reads in tow: a Euro cycling mag (they're the best), a book he chose that he's not so fond of, and my pick, "Bicycle Love", pictured above. It's a compilation of short stories, written by individual entries submitted to a writing contest, all revolving around their love of the bike. It's an entertaining read...especially for after the ride. It's light, easy and has something for everyone, from the the racer. I'll admit, a few of them even made me a bit the last story in the book, "loving a cyclist".... all too familiar. You should check it out. It isn't going to be the best book you've ever read, but after Saturday's rainy few hours on the bike for me and yesterdays windy 40 miles.... it hit the spot.

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