Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The week has been hectic and getting more so as days tick by. This week was our “big” snow, it was pretty for five minutes, then I hated it. I am a sunshiny southern gal, after all. I long for hot, sweaty, South Carolina days. Due to the weather, there was no racing this past weekend for “the team”. Instead, we rolled up our sleeves and worked again on the garage, it must house the fleet of bicycles and various other “things” when we say “I do”.

Most people have a list of “to do’s” before getting married, but I think ours is extra tiring and expensive (sigh). The ceiling in the garage is now in and I have the sore arms and shoulders from the overhead “holding” to prove it. It went in well and quickly and I’m constantly reminded with each new feat we accomplish that “we” are the perfect pair. Not only do we laugh together, play together, cook together, train together, but we also work and build together.

Training has been relatively light since last week due to our other obligations. Luckily, for me, my training plan is simple these days… do whatever “he” says. Maybe someday, I’ll have to rebel and shake things up a bit. I like to think that we “may” have different riding styles, if there is such a thing. He can “easily” crank out the 80-100 miles any given weekend, while I would like to think that maybe I’ll crank out some intervals and sprints here and there!

I’m so new to cycling, that I freely admit that I’m talking out of my ass; however, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that like running, cycling also has different genres…. the long distance patient souls and the immediate gratification sprinters. I hope to fall into the latter category… yeah yeah yeah, I know I’ll still have to put in the miles and “be there” at the end to sprint, but I must admit, I’ll be horribly disappointed if I can’t hone sprinting skills on the bike. In running, in other sports, in life, in fact in my entire way of thinking, I have always been a sprinter. I loathe the long, tedious, steady and crave the fast, heart pounding, veins popping, I’m done and was faster than you feeling! Like the man on the right, I want to be built for speed, not distance. I’m a freak, yes and ignorant, at that – but hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?!

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