Monday, February 16, 2009

And we're off...

So – cycling season arrives this weekend, ready or not as the first of the Greenville Spring Series races begin. Last year, during most of the season, I was soigneur extraordinaire to my duly betrothed. I carried bags, held wheels, lathered up legs, navigated to the races, fed his belly, opened the recovery beers and handled all other aspects of “soothing” him. I even “set” a toe that was pointing west…. but that’s another entirely different and gruesome story. This season promises to be interesting since I, too, want to ride/train, maybe even race eventually (YIKES!). Luckily, I multi-task with the best of them. Good thing, since this year I’ll be raising 5 kids (as if that’s different from any other year!), meshing two households, dressing my daughter for 2 proms, planning 4 birthdays, creating 5 Easter baskets, planning a wedding, working my full time job, photographing race pics, helping create/organize and maintain our “new” Go Tri Sports Cycling Team, completing a garage remodel and OH, riding my own bike!!….. and all of this will be done/completed before October! No fears – I’m every woman… it’s all in me….
The newest iron in the fire is the cycling team. This was at first a passing thought, now the jersey and bibs hanging in my bedroom doorway, “drying” would allow an astute soul to gather that it has certainly become a reality. Mildly humorous that I have a kit – since I am just a beginner – not withstanding. It was (collectively) decided that since I’m certainly a partner-in-crime and I look excellent in blue – by golly, I should have one! Besides word of mouth is sure to help out the newest store, our solo sponsor at this point and there aren’t many mouths out there bigger than mine!

Some might find it odd that “we” have decided to fling ourselves into creating a race team for a new store without a “roster,” with only one sponsor (thus far), and right at the start of the season. So here are my top reasons to assist in all aspects of bringing this team to fruition:

1. It can’t be worse than having 5 babies!
2. As opposed to all the other bat barf out there, our kits actually DO look good.
3. Our sponsor is actually a good, wholesome, store with a great product line and nice people selling it.
4. Some naysayers said we shouldn’t or couldn’t… and defiance is such a barrel of giggles!
5. My duly betrothed said I’m gonna help and I’m TRYING to “obey” him ; ) (somewhat)

So, it’s a done deal, registered, legitimate and here in all it’s glory (such as it is!) Granted, it's small, comprised of Cat 5 racers (at this point) and humble, truly. Go Tri has been a well known name in the triathlon circuit for quite some time, but this is the first, strictly cycling venture for them.
So my duly betrothed will be there. Hopefully, Al, the owner/sponsor will be there (rumor has it he’s a speedy one) and me and my little moneysuckers will be there with rings on our fingers and cowbells on our toes.

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