Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Issues or (Is-shoes)...

A few weeks back, it took a few drinks, quite a few laughs and a very late night for me and my duly betrothed to realize that we have “issues” or more appropriately, “is-shoes”. This picture is what the floor of his dining room looks like as you pass through to the living room. Honestly, I think the money spent on this collection of shoes exceeds the current Kelley Blue Book Value of my car. Our problems aside, this photo should be an advertisement for Sidi, as at least one pair of them in that picture has a vintage of somewhere in the 1990’s (around 12 years old) and he STILL rides in them weekly, truly a testament to the quality product Sidi makes. You’ll also notice this addiction is contagious as the two pairs on the right are much smaller than the other three.

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