Monday, February 2, 2009


If my head was organized and systematic, today’s post would be “The Where”; however, it’s Monday, my head is all over the board, so blogging will follow suit. Last week was my first consistent week in about 3 weeks. By “consistent”, I mean, I was on my bike at least three times, I did strength training, I behaved, etc.

Starting last Sunday, I rode my bike, just to my duly betrothed’s house – which is literally less than 10 minutes away. I felt like crap. Sadly, I’m too new to cycling to maintain any sort of fitness at all when not riding for two weeks. Tuesday, I managed to drag my pathetic self back to Go Tri Sports for a Carmichael video/spin class. Wednesday, back to the Y for athletic conditioning w/ Sam….Thursday, back on the trainer at Rob’s (note: no matter how good his chicken parmesan is, when you are on the trainer and it’s delightful aroma wafts into the living room, it’s really not delightful at all—rather nauseating, actually). Sunday morning…. A brief ride with him at the park and I must say, though I hate that he’s been sick, I truly enjoyed kicking his ass for the first time EVER (on the bike that is – I’m also the better of the two of us when it comes to slightly intoxicated sprinting (running that is) up McDaniel!) My glory will be short-lived, as he is feeling better (special thanks to my herbal concoctions)….but for the moment, I will bask in the warm sunny thoughts of him coughing behind me as I heard him say, “good pull, honey”. T’was very sweet indeed.

Beginners “lesson” for the day: “Pull” or “to take a pull” – when you take a turn riding at the front of a group, allowing the sick and disabled to take advantage of your “draft”; subsequently, giving them a few moments of recovery. I’m only slightly kidding about the sick and disabled, you’ll do this for healthy people also. Things to remember if you are taking a pull: no erratic movements, because someone or multiple someone’s are behind you and very close. You must ride smoothly or things will get messy and rest assured, you WILL hear the sweet sounds of positive reinforcement from the rear.

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