Friday, February 20, 2009


Last night, I attended this and have a few musings…

1. It was a nice, friendly gesture from the Greenville Women’s Cycling Team. Truly. There isn’t much out there to inform beginners, so it’s needed.
2. I have a BIG mouth and subsequently, won a running shirt from a cycling team that no longer exists, in a size I’ve never been. It’s going in the bike shop!! with the Mavic cowbells (do you think they will be recalled?), the USA Pro Cycling Championship banner, the Garmin/Chipotle souvenir water bottle, etc.
3. I also won a Michelin man bobble head… my favorite trinket from the night! He is loved by me and coveted by my little moneysuckers. There’s a Michelin LADY also…there IS! I SAW her! She was there and she is well-spoken, informative and friendly. Granted, I’m giving her a “bye” on the fact that she assumed we all ride 700c wheels… it’s a tall world after all. This assumption, did, however, prompt me to furtively search high and low today for Michelin 650c tires… where have all the 650c’s gone, longgggg time passing…. where have all the 650c’s gone…long, long, time ago….
4. Debbie was nice as always and I must give her props since my 5 minute convo with her at the end was, for me, more informative than the whole shabang…

Things I didn’t previously know:

1. I didn’t realize they are cheerleaders for the Greenville Spinners, but apparently so. As the dialogue went something like this, “Today, (Greenville spinners) we are going to cover, (Greenville spinners) cycling topics specific to women (Greenville Spinners)….” ad nauseum.
2. The Greenville Spinners are world-renowned, so, no I’m not linking to them, EVERYONE already knows about them!
3. The Great Escape has lots of fluorescent lights…. So maybe that horrific Hincapie shirt on the mannequin, isn’t REALLY two, uniquely different, yet strangely the same, shades of puss yellow. I’ll reserve judgment until seeing it in daylight….but I need to get my dark lenses first.
4. The Bakery ride leaves from North Greenville, NOT Furman.

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