Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things that bug me...

Women cycling teams that always wear pink. It’s SO cliché.

Women cycling teams that say their mission is to encourage, support, motivate, coddle and (whatever other crap they say) the female athlete. Can’t just one, ANY one say: “We’re, actually, just hoping to kick ass this year!”

Cyclists that assume if they haven’t seen you on “their” ride, that you haven’t been training.

Cyclists that assume if you are happy in your relationship, you haven’t been training.

Local cycling clubs that (in order to maintain a monopoly on the local “cycling scene”) spread folklore regarding “you can’t be registered as a legitimate cycling team unless you sign up under them as one of their club teams”. Thank you, USA Cycling for dispelling this myth.

Women’s cycling clothes that look like ass (see previous post). Which brings me to, thank you:


and Capoforma

For NOT making the "ridiculous jersey" list on the earlier post!
Happy Thursday! Cheers all around!

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