Friday, February 6, 2009

Weary week...

Well, for someone that thinks, talks, spells, types quickly it’s no secret by my lack of posting that I’ve had a less than savory week. Every now and then even the sweetest of us are dealt crappy work weeks and strains on even our dearest, closest relationships.
It has been educational even if uneventful and I’ve managed to learn a few things:

1. Nothing can squelch lovey dovey ideology faster than wedding planning. I hate it – all of it. I don’t want to look at colors, I don’t want to try on dresses, I don’t want to pick food and cake. Maybe that makes me a horrible person, or at the very least, maybe it just makes me a man – so be it.

2. A heavy heart/crappy mental outlook can do more damage to a spin on the bike than sore muscles.

3. I absolutely cannot sit at a desk until retirement.

4. My 16 year old “baby” isn’t so young any more…in body or spirit…. and she knows me much better than I sometimes realize or give her credit for… this all became evident when she called me at work to see what I wanted from Starbucks, because she thought I just might “need” a cup of coffee.

5. That even though I’m loving my new bike riding and learning to cycle—this week, when I felt overwhelmed, stressed and a bit manic…. I really, really wanted to go for a run… a long, sweaty run.

I’m very ready for the weekend…

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